NetSuite Tutorial: Set Up Accounting Periods in NetSuite | Advanced Revenue Management


The Accounting Periods feature must be enabled as a prerequisite for Advanced Revenue Management. Be sure to set up your accounting periods before you start updating revenue arrangements and plans. For more information, see Accounting Period Management.

Important If you currently use the classic Revenue Recognition features, contact your sales or account representative to find out how to get Advanced Revenue Management.

The assistance of NetSuite Professional Services or a qualified NetSuite partner is required to move from classic Revenue Recognition to Advanced Revenue Management.


We help companies reduce the risk of bad Netsuite implementations by taking them through an initiation phase, prior to implementation.

During Phase 1 we configure the desired environment in our master configuration workbook.

During Phase 2 we set up a demo account for you, using the master config file from phase 1.

Once you are happy with the demo, you can pay for your Netsuite licenses and start the implementation.

This approach optimizes your Netsuite licensing cost, and removes performance pressure during the implementation phase, which usually leads to a better implementation.

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