NetSuite Tutorial: Revenue Arrangement Management | NetSuite for small business


A revenue arrangement is a non-posting transaction that records the details of a sale for purposes of revenue allocation and recognition. The revenue arrangement is initially created soon after the source document if the Revenue Arrangement Update Frequency preference is set to Automatic. See Setting Advanced Revenue Management Preferences.

NetSuite creates revenue arrangements for the following types of transactions. If the transaction is subject to approval, the revenue arrangement is created only after the transaction is approved.

Sales orders

Invoices not created from sales orders

Cash sales

Cash refunds

Return authorizations

Credit memos

When the above transactions are the source for a revenue arrangement, the revenue arrangement is listed on the transaction’s Related Records subtab. The revenue arrangement amount in the Related Record is in the base currency, which may be different from the transaction currency. When Multi-Book Accounting is enabled, the revenue arrangement listing includes a column for the accounting book.


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