We are Chartered Accountants that help CFO’s do smooth Netsuite implementations. Our more than 15 years of experience in this field ensure that you end up with financial data that makes sense, not just a functional ERP.

When you purchase your Netsuite licenses through us, we will not charge you extra consulting fees to do the implementation.

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Netsuite Implementation Service

IntegriGate is our premium Netsuite implementation service. It's the Initiation phase in the graphic below, and it is divided into two phases.

Phase ONE is a three-day workshop to agree on the scope of the implementation.

Phase TWO involved the set-up of a demo environment, and the finalization of Netsuite licenses.

Once these two phases are complete, you can start with the Netsuite Implementation, followed by ongoing Improvement.



The three day engagement covers the following topics to help you prepare for a successful Netsuite implementation.
Cost - US$10,000


  • 3 days of Netsuite setup preparation, with an eye on setting up a demo account for your company.
  • Discuss & explanation of Netsuite modules, as they apply to your industry.
  • Discuss “Enable” features and accounting preferences & set up roles, transactions, lists, and reports.
  • Designing organizational setup templates.
  • Discuss & set up all applicable accounting entities.
  • Discuss & set up applicable modules and bundles.
  • Discuss and prepare draft import templates for entities like Customer, Vendor etc.
  • Record provisional settings on worksheets real time.
  • Provide a road map that provides guidance on priorities and timelines for implementation.


Provisioning of a demo account (90 days) as per the master configuration workbook that was developed in the three day workshop (phase 1). Providing you with a quote for Netsuite licensing, reflecting the licenses provisioned in demo account.

Cost - From US$30,000 depending on the complexity of the set up.


  • Virtual, real time, step by step account configuration per project plan/setup log as per MC
  • Real time creation of 1 of each entity per MC to use in demo
  • Real time demo of one of each transaction as per MC to use in demo
  • Real time review of each report per MC
  • Up to 10 full user licenses

Implementation Quotes and Integrations

  • We will help you find the best possible deal from a partner perspective, and propose some external integrations, if required.
  • 3 x Implementation quotes from Netsuite partner list
  • Gap listing including integrations
  • High level gap solutioning and estimates
  • Netsuite environment improvement roadmap

Netsuite Steering Committee Roadmap Meetings

We will check in with you every quarter and review actual progress against the roadmap.

Quarterly meetings (1 hour) will kick off after 90 day demo account expires. We will have 8 meetings over a 2 year period.

Master configuration workbook

An Excel workbook with a detailed configuration matrix customized for your company.

All IntegriGate session recordings

We record all sessions over the three days. Great implementation reference.

Free access to master setup video library

More than 3 hours (39+ videos) of step-by-step setup instructions for Netsuite setup.

Road map for successful implementation

A priority and to-do list that guides you to work efficiently and effectively. 

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