We are Chartered Accountants helping CFOs do smooth Netsuite implementations. We understand the importance of data integrity, and that is where we focus.

Once you've paid for your Netsuite licenses, there is no time to waste on setup and configuration. We ensure a smooth and rapid implementation by addressing the configuration complexity (incorporating clean data migration), before you pay for your licenses.

Companies that go through a formal initiation process have a 70% better chance of successfully implementing Netsuite. A Netsuite project implementation that does not have a specialist Netsuite implementation consultant on board will struggle to gain momentum.

With Integrisuite’s new service, IntegriGate, we configure your new environment in three days, set up a demo environment for you over 90 days, and then give you a master file you can use to implement Netsuite in your company.


Simplify your Netsuite implementation process.

Guided and systematic ERP setup

Using our master configuration workbook, we take you through a step-by-step process to set up and configure your organization’s Netsuite environment, before you start the implementation. 

Master configuration workbook

The master configuration workbook becomes the blueprint of your company’s Netsuite implementation. Once developed, you will be able to do the implementation yourself.

Video tutorials for every step in the setup process

With your master configuration workbook in hand, our comprehensive video library guides you though every step of the implementation process.

Trusted brands that we have worked with

Omni Bridgeway

"It's never a great idea to be designing the system as you are implementing it. It's like designing a house while it is under construction. Mistakes will be made, and they will be expensive."

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What our clients say about us

"Very few companies are able to reach their objectives if they skip the formal initiation phase in their implementation process."

Wouter Nortje, CEO of Integrisuite

IntegriGate addresses these common Netsuite implementation mistakes.


Developing and testing your new Netsuite ERP in a sandbox environment (prior to taking it into production), reduces the probability of in-production data errors.

Human dynamics

To maximize adoption, everyone affected by the implementation need to be onboarded, and feel comfortable with the implementation process. IntegriGate provides this comfort. 

Strategy Outsourcing

Your team needs to be involved in, and own the crafting of the implementation strategy. IntegriGate places them in control of the process.

The IntegriGate Service


IntegriGate is our premium Netsuite initiation service. It has two phases. Once these two phases are complete, you can start with the Netsuite Implementation, followed by ongoing Improvement.


The three day engagement covers the following topics to help you prepare for a successful Netsuite implementation.
Cost - US$2,950

  • 3 days of Netsuite setup preparation, with an eye on setting up a demo account for your company.
  • Discuss & explanation of Netsuite modules, as they apply to your industry.
  • Discuss “Enable” features and accounting preferences & set up roles, transactions, lists, and reports.
  • Designing organizational setup templates.
  • Discuss & set up all applicable accounting entities.
  • Discuss & set up applicable modules and bundles.
  • Discuss and prepare draft import templates for entities like Customer, Vendor etc.
  • Record provisional settings on worksheets real time.
  • Provide a road map that provides guidance on priorities and timelines for implementation.


Provisioning of a demo account (90 days) as per the master configuration workbook that was developed in the three day workshop (phase 1). Providing you with a quote for Netsuite licensing, reflecting the licenses provisioned in demo account.

Cost - From US$9,500, depending on the complexity of the set up.

  • Virtual, real time, step by step account configuration per project plan/setup log as per MC
  • Real time creation of 1 of each entity per MC to use in demo
  • Real time demo of one of each transaction as per MC to use in demo
  • Real time review of each report per MC
  • Up to 10 full user licenses
  • We will help you find the best possible deal from a partner perspective, and propose some external integrations, if required.
  • 3 x Implementation quotes from Netsuite partner list
  • Gap listing including integrations
  • High level gap solutioning and estimates
  • Netsuite environment improvement roadmap

Master configuration workbook

An Excel workbook with a detailed configuration matrix customized for your company.

All IntegriGate session recordings

We record all sessions over the three days. Great implementation reference.

Free access to master setup video library

More than 3 hours (39+ videos) of step-by-step setup instructions for Netsuite setup.

Road map for successful implementation

A priority and to-do list that guides you to work efficiently and effectively. 

The Integrisuite Team

As a result of his Netsuite implementation consulting work, Wouter Nortje founded Integrisuite in 2014 in Sydney, Australia.  Driven by a deep belief that he could truly add value to clients’ businesses through the implementation of Netsuite services, Wouter developed various models that improved and simplified the implementation of Netsuite services. Integrisuite’s “IntegriGate” service grew out of this work.

His collaboration with Rodney Durrant goes back to 1997, when they qualified together as Chartered Accountants in South Africa. When Wouter decided to move the business to Los Angeles, he brought Hermann Woithe on board to help drive the digital and commercial strategy of the company.


Wouter Nortje

President & Principal Consultant. Chartered Accountant with 20+ years ERP/CRM implementation experience. 10 years Netsuite experience.


Hermann Woithe

Strategy & Commercial Director. Ex-telco CEO/MD with 20+ years experience in shaping and executing successful value propositions.


Rodney Durrant

Business Development Manager. Chartered Accountant with 20+ years experience. Cloud ERP & CRM business systems specialist. 7 years Netsuite experience.

Vicki's View

When we started on our Netsuite journey, it quickly became apparent that to us that we needed a guide to help us optimize the process, because without a guide, we would have taken a very long time and wasted a lot of resources in trying to get Netsuite implemented in our client company. We were introduced to Wouter Nortje of Integrisuite, who took us through his initiation process. It framed the implementation in a way that we knew where to start and what the logical next steps would be during every phase of the implementation. Without Wouter’s guidance, I know that the implementation would not have gone as well as it did. If you are in the process of implementing Netsuite, I highly recommend Wouter's service.
Vicki Poole
Distributed Accounting, California, USA

For less than 2.5% of the cost of your Netsuite licensing, you can prepare your environment to ensure a smooth implementation.

Please schedule a call with Wouter Nortje. You will know within 30 minutes if our IntegriGate initiation service is suitable for your company.