How we are able to offer a


We earn 25% commission on license fees, and we apply these earnings towards your implementation.

We’ve been doing Netsuite implementations since 2012. We understand the amount of work involved and what is required to leave a business with a functioning ERP that provides trustworthy data.

We also understand that it is costly to do this.

In order to grow our market, we decided to reduce the barriers, and incorporate our implementation fees into the license fees, which have to be paid anyway.

Terms and Conditions

We have limited implementation capacity which means we retain the right to decline implementation requests.

Implementation Tiers: Total License fee directly equal to the size of the Implementation related to this offer.


Up to 100 HOURS Consulting

License Fees $100k ($25k/yr) x25%

We earn $25k


Up to 300 HOURS Consulting

License Fees $300k ($75k/yr) x25%

We earn $75k 


Up to 700 HOURS Consulting

License Fees $700k ($233k/yr) x25%

We earn $175k


Up to 1,250 HOURS Consulting

License Fees $1,250m ($312k/yr) x25%

We earn $312k


Up to 2,500 HOURS Consulting

License Fees $2.5m ($625k/yr) x25%

We earn $625k


Up to 10,000 HOURS Consulting

License Fees $5m ($1m/yr) x25%

We earn $1,250k

  • In most cases Integration, scripting and customization work is excluded. The LARGE and ENTERPRISE tiers will include some Integration, scripting and customization
  • In cases where the Implementation does not fit our schedule we will provide advice on best fit partners and agree on a suitable partner to execute the Implementation. We will agree to a fixed cost fee and settle directly with them.
  • Not all Netsuite partners will agree to the required 25%, so in cases where you insist on a specific partner and we cannot get the required 25% from them, we will prorate the implementation hours accordingly.
  • The Terms of the Licencing Agreement with Oracle Netsuite must be a minimum of 4 years.
  • Payments terms options – Terms are designed to release commissions over the life of the contract with Netsiuite on day one so that we can pay for the implementation.

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